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The GreenmediaHD team has more than 20 years of experience in the control and optimization of Air Conditioner Systems.
We have installed our chiller plant optimizer control system in many buildings with great results in energy savings.

Visit  GCOP Web Site  for more information about Chiller Plant Optimization.



The new RTU-SC controller for RTU energy savings has been also successfully installed with the expected results in energy savings and humidity reduction.

Visit RTU-SC Web Site for more information about RTU Smart Control System.





After the COVID-19 pandemic, GreenmediaHD has been installing the bipolar ionization system in air handlers or Roof Top (RTU). Bipolar Ionizers reduce or eliminate Viruses, Bacteria, or Mildew in the Air Conditioning air stream.

We have incorporated also a fast, inexpensive, and accurate way to read the Indoor air quality status. Parameters as temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC, and pm2.5 are read to compute a score and evaluate the air quality.

Visit IAQ Web Site for more information about Indoor Air Quality Solution.




Media Options: GreenMediaHD is a Solution Provider with the experience to bring you all the tools and platform you need to display in High Definition and Real Time: videos, images, web pages, Video Streaming Broadcasting, OTT private or public TV channels, Distance Education, and other digital informative media, in multiple screen terminals all over the world. Energy Reduction Visualization tool, and Energy Audit Only to support Corporate Sustainability Programs.
With GreenmediaHD tools, you upload all your media content to the GreenmediaHD Cloud Server and prepare all your different Media Playlists for all your screen terminals. These Media Playlist sequences will be downloaded by a GreenmediaHD TV Box decoder that is connected via HDMI cable to a TV screen display where your Playlist is shown. Therefore, with the GreenmediaHD solution, you can show your advertisements in unlimited number of screens and in a variety of screen formats to choose from. You can also show up to 6 distinct messages on the ticker of each screen.
All the terminal screens are updated periodically, so all the content changes you make in the Cloud Server will be reflected in your terminals.
The media content is also saved in the GreenmediaHD TV Box decoder; therefore, if the internet connection fails, the displayed information in the screen terminals is not affected._


Measurement And Verification: The GreenmediaHD team also have the experience in installing power meters (or integrate power meters already installed) to measure and verify your power consumption in your company building. With these measurements, GreenmediaHD process the information in the Cloud Server and create content to show the information in the Media Options Playlist in form of bar and curves trend graphics, or a WEB access from a PC or Mobile device, that compares your consumption with a base-line to, plan and alert you increase your consumption. This projection is at the same time you ROI and energy reduction/ Energy Audit calculated in real time.



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