Media Options Features

  • Multiple kinds of screen content such as static and animated images, videos, streaming videos, and web pages.
  • Predefined layouts to visualize weather conditions, time of day in different time zones, and more.
  • The GreenmediaHD Optimization Solutions for A.C System and Indoor Air Quality can be integrated to the content of the sequences of the Media Playlist to show the result of these solutions in the selected terminals.
  • Different Playlist Events such as calendar, periodic, geo-location, and zone-linked in the different templates.
  • Twelve different templates for screen design allow you to split your screen into different zones, Up to five zones are available.
  • Up to six customizable messages are available to show in the ticker of the configured screens, each message support 255 characters.
  • RSS Feeds can be shown in the ticker of the configured screens. The RSS could be selected from a predefined list or a new RSS URL can be used
  • Private content can be saved in Local Storage instead of the cloud, so only the people that are in the local where the application is running can see the content of the Local Storage
  • Sounds can be added to your Media Playlist.
  • The cloud media content is saved locally when downloaded so you can show it even if no internet connection is available.
  • Predefined TV Channels are available to use as content in the configured sequences of the Media Playlist.
  • Up to five customized tags (buttons) can be created to navigate in touch screen TV.
  • The "Time On Air" of different companies advertisement can be computed.
  • The GreenmediaHD TV Box uses Android System to run the GreenmediaHD App
  • Real Time Updates. The media content is downloaded periodically by the GreenmediaHD TV Box, so you can show the latest changes in your TV Screens
  • All the information status about each terminal can be supervised remotely from the Website, you can see all connected terminal and its functionality.

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