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GCOP. Green Chiller Optimization Package


A typical chiller plant in a centralized air conditioning system consumes 40 to 60% of the power energy in a building, so this system is the most energy consumption.

The most energy loss in a chiller is an excess lift. Lift is determined by subtracting the temperature of the chilled water going out to your building from the temperature of the water that’s leaving the condenser to be cooled by a cooling tower or fans. The increase in chilled water temperature results in an increase in evaporator pressure of the refrigerant. The higher the evaporator pressure, the less work the compressor needs to do to increase that pressure, which means that, by reducing the lift, the compressor work is reduced and so is the power energy consumption.

Reducing the lift is a great opportunity to make a considerable reduction of power energy consumption.

GCOP is the GreenmediaHD solution for Chiller Plant Optimization, reducing the lift by increasing the chilled water temperature to an optimal value using an intelligent algorithm, and optionally sequencing the chillers.

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GreemmediaHD supplies an Optimizer Controller (GCOP) that is connected to the chiller plant communication network to receive and send information from each chiller control panel.

Normally, chillers installed in buildings are left with a very low fixed value setpoint for the whole year to ensure a comfortable temperature in the most demanding cooling condition, resulting in higher energy consumption when less cooling demand is required. The GCOP uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make an optimum reset of the cooling water temperature setpoint of each chiller to reduce lift, depending on changes in ambient conditions.

The communication protocol used by the GCOP is BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP. Fortunately, the great majority of the main chiller manufacturers provide a BACnet interface for BMS communication.  The chiller control panel should have a BACnet interface installed.  If the interface is not present, it can be easily acquired and installed for the proper chiller control panel.

If you are interested in taking this saving opportunity contact us. GreenmediaHD will give you the best solution according to the specific characteristics of your installations.

As a member of the GCOP Cloud Server, you can supervise the Chiller Optimization Solution and the Energy Savings from our Web Site anywhere in the world.




The GCOP is intrinsically an energy-saving system, in the worst scenario, where you configure only a very little range for setpoint reset above the normal contractor setting of 440F, it saves considerable energy consumption in the chillers compressors.

To prove these savings, GCOP   has a mode of operation that allows the evaluation of the savings obtained accurately in which, the GCOP automatically connects the optimization algorithms on the even days of the month and disconnects on the odd days. In both cases, the GCOP collects in real-time the energy consumption values of the chillers, reflected in the operating capacity of each chiller. The fact of using every other day in the control of optimization ensures uniformity in the environmental conditions for each day evaluated.

The results of these evaluations are displayed in form of graphic curves with precise values of the energy savings.



RTU-SC. Roof Top Smart Control Solution


The main goal of the RTU-SC Solution is to save energy in the rooftop units of a Building HVAC System by modulating the evaporator fan speed to a proper value while protecting the compressor and keeping a good comfort humidity value and optimum super-heat in the A/C system.

The investment cost of retrofitting an existing rooftop HVAC unit to save energy with these advanced controls is much less than installing a new unit, and once the retrofit is done, you can save from 25% up to 50% of energy. Also if you have a very old RTU, you can replace it with a standard RTU and retrofitted with the RTU-SC Solution.

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Advanced control technology provides variable speed control, which means the rooftop unit only operates at the volume needed. A set of precision sensors are installed in the existing RTU to calculate the exact demand of airflow.


If you are interested in taking this saving opportunity contact us. GreenmediaHD will give you the best solution according to the specific characteristics of your installations.

In RTU cool mode, the RTU-SC modulates the fan speed to a proper value while protecting the compressor monitoring the superheat, and keeping a comfortable humidity value.

To modulate the fan speed to a proper value, precision sensors are used to measure the parameters used in the optimization algorithms.

If the evaporator coil is not cold enough, it cannot remove moisture, and it will stop removing moisture at its dewpoint temperature. The lower the airflow, the lower the evaporator coil temperature. Reducing fan speed to a proper value reduces humidity.

Moisture removal can improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant comfort while supporting facility operations and maximizing the life of your building, furnishings, and equipment.


RTU-SC can be set to operate in “Evaluation Mode” to achieve the most transparent value for energy savings estimate. In this mode, the optimization algorithms that modulate the fan speed are enabled only on even days and disabled on odd days. During the odd days, the fan speed is set to the constant nominal value which is the current value if no optimization is applied. Power meters can be installed in the RTU to collect the kw-h energy consumption and compare both days. This evaluation is made for a minimum period of 15 days.



Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Improvement System


GreenMediaHD Air Quality System uses negative ion injection technique to improve the air quality by reducing the possible Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) contamination and minimizing the risk of health hazards, from air flying virus and bacteria in Duct Air Conditioning Systems.

When high enough concentrations of negative ions come in contact with harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, or mold, they steal away hydrogen molecules from the pathogens. Without hydrogen, the pathogens are left without any source of energy to carry on and they die.

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A bipolar ionization system creates a plasma curtain of billions of Negative Ions, at the Air Handler Unit to de-activate any potential organic compound, by then, minimizing the possible unwanted VOC sharing, from the air flying viruses and bacteria, and associated health risks.

Real-time Air Quality Data Collection Sensors that measure temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC/Chemicals, and pm2.5/Fine Dust are installed in several locations inside the building. These sensors evaluate and score the air quality.

In the GreenMediaHD Cloud Server, all the collected data is visualized in customized Web Pages Dashboards.


If you are interested in taking this saving opportunity contact us. GreenmediaHD will give you the best solution according to the specific characteristics of your installations.

By using the GreenmediaHD Media Options,  you can show on different TV screens the IAQ readings to the incoming visitors. You can also mix these results with messages of recommendations for staff protection, and any other advertisement of your business services and products.

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