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Screen Media Design

Upload all your digital media content to the Cloud Server such as images, videos, stream videos URL, web pages, weather conditions, site locations, and geo-positioning information. Create your Playlist of screen sequences using a series of pre-programmed templates. By using the GreenmediaHD TV Box, deliver the digital media content in unlimited High Definition TVs located all over the world with real-time updates. You can configure ticker messages, touch screen actions, and calendar Play List events as well.

Video Streaming Services

Call Centers: Install Video Encoders to transmit video signals through the local Ethernet network to replicate a computer TV Monitor information in multiples display terminals and show the content of the streaming video in the Playlist. OTT TV Broadcast: Monetize your content by an OTT Video Public or Private TV Channel. Online University Education: Broadcast in real time from the classroom and automatically record as Video On Demand (VOD) for future class review.

Optimize energy consumption

GreenMediaHD offers the possibility of applying energy optimization algorithms in AC systems, obtaining energy savings between 15% and 25%. The results of the energy savings obtained can be visualized within the Playlist.

Measure and Verification

GreenMediaHD offers the possibility of monitoring the energy consumption, compare with energy plans and display graphic trends and energy saving information in the sequences of the Playlist.

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RSS Feeds Configuration

RSS feed can be shown in the bottom of the screen in the ticker tape area. The RSS feed could be selected from a predefined list or a new one RSS feed URL can be used

Transitions Available

Now you can define a transition between two consecutive sequences. Up to four selections are available. If NONE is selected no transitions occur. If FROM LEFT transition is selected, the new sequence screen starts appearing from the left covering the previous sequence until the new sequence covers the full screen. If FROM TOP transition is […]

New Presentation

The screen shown, when the GreenmediaHD app starts in th TV Box decoder, has a new refreshing and colored look

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