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Indoor Air Quality Systems

GreenMediaHD Air Quality System uses negative ion injection technique to improve the air quality by reducing the possible Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) contamination and minimizing the risk of a health hazards, from air flying virus and bacteria in Duct Air Conditioning Systems. 

Air Quality Data Collection Sensors are used to measures temperature, humidity, CO2, VOC/Chemicals, and pm2.5/Fine Dust for evaluating and scoring the air quality.  

Screen Media Design

Upload all your digital media content to the Cloud Server such as images, videos, stream videos URL, web pages, weather conditions, site locations, and geo-positioning information. Create your Playlist of screen sequences using a series of pre-programmed templates. By using the GreenmediaHD TV Box, deliver the digital media content in unlimited High Definition TVs located all over the world with real-time updates. You can configure ticker messages, touch screen actions, and calendar Play List events as well.

Video Streaming Services

Call Centers: Install Video Encoders to transmit video signals through the local Ethernet network to replicate a computer TV Monitor information in multiples display terminals and show the content of the streaming video in the Playlist. OTT TV Broadcast: Monetize your content by an OTT Video Public or Private TV Channel. Online University Education: Broadcast in real time from the classroom and automatically record as Video On Demand (VOD) for future class review.

Optimize energy consumption in Chiller Plants

GreenMediaHD offers the possibility of applying energy optimization algorithms in AC systems, obtaining energy savings between 15% and 25%. The GCOP optimizer controller is connected via Bacnet IP to the chiller control panel and resets the leaving chilled water temperature (LCHWT) setpoint in real time to an optimum value. The results of the energy savings obtained can be visualized in the Coud Dashboars and within the Playlist of GreenmediaHD Signage System.

Optimize Rooftop Units

GreenmediHD offers the  RoofTop Smart Controller (RTU-SC) to reset the evaporator speed fan to different values in real time by optimizing the control of the superheat in cooling mode  using a variable frequency speed drive, a controller, and a set of precision sensors.  As a result, the RTU-SC maximize the evaporator fan energy savings while protecting the compressor and significantly reducing relative humidity. When the fan speed is reduced, the fan heat decreases and reduces building cooling load which make the compressor save energy in cooling mode.

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GreenmediaHD opens a new Online Store

GreenmediaHD is supplying air quality products to the  ERT9 (Economic Recovery Tool) online store to improve the air quality you breathe and protect your health. These products make air purification using negative and bipolar ionization which kills 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 according to FDA.

Indoor Air Quality System

GreenMediaHD Air Quality System use negative ion injection technique to improve the air quality by reducing the possible Volatil Organic Compound (VOC) contamination and minimizing the risk of health hazard, from air flying virus and bacteria in Duct Air Conditioning Systems. When high enough concentrations of negative ions come in contact with harmful pathogens such […]

New GCOP Web Site Available

Chiller Optimization Package (GCOP) has a new Web Site. This new Web Site explains the savings opportunities and how the GCOP works to get maximum optimized energy savings

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